Monday, May 14, 2007

weekend update 5-14-07

Monday May 14, we had a wonderful weekend here in E.L. Most of the weekend was spent going outside then coming inside, going outside then coming inside. J Saturday was Zachary’s last soccer game. Daniel has become a good fan and stays and watches the whole game. He has even gotten used to my “yelling” (I tell him cheering). Zachary will miss the last game next week due to a boy’s trip to the cabin. Sunday was Mother’s Day of course! Grandma and Grandpa Sneathen came over. We had a nice day visiting and being outside. Daniel did the in and out thing and Zachary mostly stayed out. They both jumped on the trampoline yesterday and Zachary kind of makes up a game, explains it to Daniel and he enjoys playing along. It really warm my heart, like any mom probably, to see them having fun together, but when you see that interaction it is extra special! We gave Grandma a frame Daniel had made at cub scouts. We glued shells and starfish (his FAVORITE) to the frame and put a picture in (now posted) of the two boys before the big concert last week. Daniel was also very intrigued with the hydrangea plant we gave her. He really likes to know the names of flowers! “It’s not daisy’s or roses or tulips or carnations” over and over until he kept saying hydrangea.

We had a nice dinner that dad cooked. Both boys thought it was funny dad was cooking! I enjoyed it. Daniel and Zachary both truly love days like yesterday, even though it isn’t really about them. They love to give presents and love to others. It is a wonderful quality to have!

Daniel studied on and off too. A social studies test is today! I was satisfied this morning when I quizzed him and asked the 3 branches of government and he knew. Then he told me which was Congress, president and judges and court. Yea Daniel. If that is all he gets out of it, I think it is the core information to come away with and I was thrilled. We’ll see how much of the rest of the vocab is picked up. Even if the test doesn’t reflect it, I know he has learned the core concepts. But I love when the test reflects it!
Next week I will be late with this. If you don’t know I will be on a “girl’s” long weekend (three nights) to South Beach. I leave Friday morning and don’t get back until late on Monday. My friends and I are all celebrating us turning a new decade together! Any guess? I know your all thinking 30 but it’s not J Anyway, I’ll have fun, the boys can’t WAIT to go to the cabin with Dad and Grandpa. It’s all good. We are all very lucky. I know that!

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