Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pumpkin patch

Ok, how cute are they? Friday we went to Rowe's in Mason. It was a beautiful day. My boys LOVE the fall and Halloween. It is Zachary's favorite holiday. We start planning September 1st. They couldn't wait to pick out their pumpkins. They had the day off from school so it was a perfect day to head out to the pumpkin patch!! The problem is getting them to wait to do these things so the pumpkins don't rot before Halloween! Here are a few picks of their choices for pumpkins. . . Daniel and Zachary each got one of their own and I picked one out for Todd and I to carve.
We also look forward to our neighborhoods annual "boo ghost". They love to ring people's doorbells and run away leaving treats behind. It took Daniel a few years to get the hang of this. He used to get upset and cry. . . I'm sure it made zero sense to him. Why would you ring a doorbell and run away? We would explain it and explain it and it didn't help. In retrospect if I would have wrote a social story I probably could have solved our problem right away. But I didn't. As usual, we kept trying and now it has become something he loves to do and participates in every year. This year I let them each choose one person to "boo". Daniel chose Hannah, who is a girl in his class. Very appropriate! They had a blast! Zachary chose the family down the street who have a kindergartner he plays with and they have a 3 year old too. It is so much fun to hide and hear the excited children come outside and find the treasure awaiting them! We have the best neighborhood! We are very blessed!

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Amy said...

Great photos! I love the "boo ghost" tradition. Does your whole neighborhood participate or is it just something that your family does? BTW, any new house up for sale in your neck of the woods?

See you this afternoon.