Sunday, January 11, 2009

Spectrum Siblings

Just a quick note to mention that I added a new blog to my list. It is called Spectrum Siblings. I haven't read through all of it, but I've read all of them so far this year. He is planning on posting every day, which will be a stunning achievement! The tag line to this blog is "An Aspie Teen Exploring How to Cope, Love and Thrive on the autistic spectrum".

I plan on reading him regularly to get advice! Check it out. He commented on this blog (I believe it was him) and said his brother talks backwards sometimes. (as in the poem and posting of Secret Abilities) Thanks for that. I'd love to know more. I have honestly not come across other kids on the spectrum who do this. . . .

I found this blog through Mama Mara's blog which I also read and comment on regularly. She said we'd all want to bow down and kiss her ring for linking us to Spectrum Siblings and well, I think she's right!!!

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Cale said...

Thank you for the link!

I've actually met a few kids who do the whole speaking backwards thing. Carl had a friend way back who used to say something, then mouth the words, then mouth the words backwards. I think he liked to explore the way things sounded or fit into his mouth. But it was compulsive for him; he would never say anything without the mouthing forwards and backwards.

For Carl, it's different. He knows it is a crazy ability, so he only uses it when he wants people to pay him more attention. If Mom and I are discussing shopping, and he's desperate to talk about wrestling, outpours "earth the from perish not shall" (Gettysburg Adress) or America of States United the for Constitution establish and ordain do (Preamble). Suddenly the attention is on him, and he can burst forth with "you know what happened last night on Wrestling?"
Eventually we'll stop being amazed, but until then it is a very effective attention-getter.