Sunday, August 16, 2009

Going Nuts

Yesterday we finally all went, not like that, we had our first outing to our local single A baseball stadium. The Lansing Lugnuts. Quite a name isn't it? As we drove up to "Oldsmobile Park" Zachary said, "what's an Oldsmobile?" Exactly. That is what has come of Lansing!

It is actually a nice little ball park and the boys really enjoy going. Daniel really enjoys baseball. He sat and watched all nine innings. He comments and cheers where appropriate. Last night one comment took us by surprise. When one of the Lansing players hit a fly out to left field and the "Loon" (yes, the other team were the Loons) caught it, Daniel said, "Damn it". What? I have never ever heard him swear. I actually have taken an odd sort of pride in the fact that he never swears. We try very hard to clean up our language especially since he repeats everything! Todd and I looked at each other wide eyed and surprised. We asked where he heard that and he said "from the HP tour guide on you tube". Great. We were very impressed with his ability to use it in the right context. Are we stretching it now? Talk about looking on the bright side! We did explain that it was not ok to say that word and gave him some options of other words. What an interesting beginning of the game!

Our neighbors had invited us to join them at the game and since we had promised the boys we'd take them AND we were miraculously in town, we happily accepted their offer. Daniel really wanted someone to hit a home run, which never happened, because he loves to yell, "It's going....going....gone!" He waited the whole game and it never happened. Damn it!:) I am always amazed at the fact that he'll sit there for nearly 3 hours (with a few snacks being delivered) and watch the game in it's entirety. He does get a bonus of LAFCU(Lansing area federal credit union) fireworks! Yeah, fireworks. He LOVES fireworks. You would think the noise would scare him to death, but he sits and watches and the visual stimulation far outweighs the noise. It was a beautiful night at the ball field. A fun time with friends, but unfortunately the Lugnuts lost. Damn it.

Neighbor Jacob enjoying his cotton candy, with Alex next to him.

Daniel and Todd watching the game

Zachary and Daniel, after the 7th inning stretch

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Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

Sounds like a fun outing! I laughed about the "damn it" because that was one of Nigel's early examples of echolalia! He was in the back seat of the car, and I was driving my old car (back when Nigel was about 4), and it stalled in the middle of an intersection, so I said "Damn it" under my breath. A second later I heard this little voice behind me say it too!