Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Buddy Walk

Sunday our family headed out into a beautiful fall day for the annual Buddy Walk at Potter Park Zoo. We were walking in honor of our friend Joe. Joseph has Down Syndrome and is a friend of our family. His mother Amy and I sit together every Thursday afternoon during swimming for Daniel when it is "in session". "In session" happens to begin again on Thursday, October 1. That isn't how I originally met Amy, however. We originally met through Zachary. I believe I have told this story before on this blog, but on Zachary's first day of kindergarten I was a mother in tears. Not because my baby was starting kindergarten, it was because we had had a change with Daniel's para pro at the last minute and it had rocked my world. The day was starting not as planned and I was worried how Daniel would handle it. I was very upset and still trying to do the play time in the Kindergarten room with Zachary. As usual for him, a big moment in time was over ridden by Daniel.

I remember sitting at a table, I believe it was covered in playdoh and fighting back my tears. Amy asked me some questions. I don't remember what, but I remember her kindness. I soon found out she was also a mother of a child with special needs. This child turned out to be Joseph. We have had a bond since then, because even though we don't have the exact same challenges, we understand each other. At least I'd like to think so. Zachary and Emma are very similar kids, both "the siblings" of the "special" child. Joseph is much younger than Daniel so I have lived some of the things coming their way. They also have challenges that I have not dealt with. There is one thing for certain. We both have some damn cute kids!

We went to the Buddy walk in support of Down syndrome and our friends. It was a wonderful day and "Team Joe" had a BIG showing. They had food, drinks, blow up slides, jump houses, Sparty (the Michigan State University mascot who is the BEST mascot anywhere!) and the best of all, friends. Here are some pictures of our day. It was wonderful!! If you have a buddy walk near you, be sure to support it!!


Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

Wonderful! Nigel did our local Buddy Walk with a friend last year - I was so proud of him for doing it! Great photos!

Amy said...

Thanks for posting about the Buddy Walk Michelle! See you later today.