Monday, October 5, 2009

Lands End Pants

I have written before of my love of Lands End pants. Styles similar to this.

I have about 10 pair, of this style of pant in a 16 husky. They are perfect for kids like Daniel for the following reasons:

1. The fabric is nice, not rough, not scratchy.
2. They don't have buttons, but they look really nice. With a decent shirt untucked you would never know that they are elastic waist.
3. For kids who are wider (or slimmer) they come in husky or slim.
4. They are exceptional quality.

There are probably many more reasons. But this is enough of list isn't it? These pants, while expensive have really been a wonderful thing for us. Daniel is unfortunately in the largest size right now; 20 H. Therefore my mind is in problem solving mode of what the heck do I do next?

The reason I am posting this is I am boxing up things to give to charity. It occured to me that someone who lives with a child with special needs may really really need something like this about now. So here is my deal. If this size works for you or someone you know and you are the first to take dibs, I will send these to you. The only cost on your part will be to pay for shipping. Once you give me the address, I'll get an estimate and see if it's agreed upon. Then I'll send them off with only the cost of shipping to you.

I would rather have these go to someone I "know" who may need them. Any takers?


Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

Funny you should write about this now - just this past weekend I took Nigel pants shopping - in the men's department! That was surreal for me. Men's shoes he's been wearing for a while now, but pants - wow. More expensive too!

Lands End does have good stuff - hope you find someone who can use the pants!

Anonymous said...

i just thought of daniel this week as rhema has amped up her clothing-removal-game with change in season.

hope you were able to find a good home for those great pants.

Amy said...

I ordered a couple of pair (on your advice) in size 5H for Joe. They are perfect!!!! Thanks so much for the tip. If our boys were closer in size I would be a very happy to take all of Daniel's hand-me-downs.