Thursday, April 1, 2010

Unexplainable Moment

Setting: an evening in Michigan. The first day in the 70's. The kids played outside all evening. Things are winding down and Daniel is in his bedroom, on the 2nd floor playing with his things and going through his nightly ritual. Zachary is getting ready to go to his room. We are in the family room on the 1st floor. He comes to me and says he doesn't like his book he is reading. He is looking for something different. Todd suggests he look for something in Daniel's room. I was a bit hesitant. Daniel does not like books out of order in his room. In fact he knows if anything is out of place, despite the huge amount of things arranged in there. Instead I asked Zachary if he'd tell Daniel for me to get into the shower and we'd figure out something else.

Zachary goes upstairs, delivers the message and goes to his room. Daniel gathers up his things and on the way to the shower, opens the door to Zachary's room.

Daniel- "Zachary, I am taking a shower, DO NOT GO INTO MY ROOM."

Zachary runs down the stairs to me with an amazed look on his face.

Zachary- "mom, you won't believe this, I think Daniel read my mind. He has never told me to stay out of his room, it's like he KNEW that I wanted a book out of there."

I have to say, it kind of gives me chills. I can't imagine he heard the conversation, he was upstairs on the other end of the house. The vents in that area don't lead to his room. Zachary was stunned, amazed and confused....what do you think?


Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

Nigel has extremely sensitive hearing and has heard things that have amazed me! Other than that, Daniel might have put two and two together, especially if Zachary doesn't usually tell him to take a shower. Kind of funny that Zachary seemed unnerved by it!

Nancy said...

I think anything is possible, but it's most likely Daniel saw Zachary eye-balling something in his room and got that paranoid intuition that we all get sometimes. Intuition is a good thing!! :)

Nancy said...

Maybe not "mind reading", but more on the lines of "intuition". Chances are, without realizing it, Zach was "eye-balling" Daniels "stuff" and D probably picked up on it.... We all have a little "paranoid intuition" at times and that may be what it was! Pretty astute if you ask me! Intuition isn't a bad thing... but it's pretty cute how it caught Z off guard like that!