Thursday, August 5, 2010

We Did it!!

The pediatrician's office didn't call me back that day.  I had gone to Walgreen's in the evening after voting in the Michigan primary and dropping off the DVD "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" at the video store, just to "see" if miraculously the Valium was there waiting. It was not.  With a sigh I decided I'd call back in the morning and start over.  Instead, the nurse called ME first thing in the morning.  Relieved that I wouldn't be starting over (and cursing Dr Israel for ya know, taking a VACATION! (how dare he!)) The nurse said the Dr. was concerned about drug interaction.  When I assured her that Daniel was on no medication and that they weren't putting him under (HENCE ME WANTING THE VALIUM) she went back to the Dr.  I know they have to be careful, but sheesh.  This time she called me back to say it was being called in immediately.  I kept sending mental signals of (get me TWO) one for me one for you...ha ha ha.

I wrote Daniel a simple social story the night before and left it on the computer keyboard for him to read first thing in the morning since that is where he immediately goes.  I explained what would happen and how great I KNEW he'd do and like I usually end these things I told him, if he did a great job we'd go get ice cream after.  Nothing works like a bribe, I mean "reward". 

I was starting to feel like who needs the Valium, he can do it!  I was feeling strong and confident.  I had wondered aloud the evening before to my neighbor (a PA) how Valium would affect him.  She said, "I expect he'd sing a lot".  hmmmm. Sounds like usual!  I was also curious how the Valium would affect him.  In group situations he has had very high anxiety lately.  I can see the anxieties building and how hard and distressing it is for him.  We have discussed that it "may" be time to explore something to ease this for him.  So the wonder was strong in my head.  I decided to go ahead with it.  It can't hurt to take one pill and I'd hate to be in the middle of it kicking myself for NOT doing it and making it harder on him.  So 40 minutes before, I gave it to him.

We were driving to the appointment.  There were roads closed due to construction (thank goodness Todd told me this, nothing like getting him upset by coming to a road closed sign!)  So I was driving a "different way" as Daniel says. Daniel's amazing sense of direction and memory kicked in and he was wondering where we were going.  He noted this is how we went to Jennifer's house (someone he took music lessons from TWO YEARS AGO.  Except he was asking me very calmly and happily?  Hmmmm two cheers for Valium.  Then he started singing!  and singing and singing.  Two points for my neighbors good call!

He charged into the office happily, singing "Hi diddily dee, an actors life for me..."    which if you read this post that I linked was right before disaster struck on vacation.  I literally stopped in my tracks hoping this wasn't foreshadowing.  He took his two "rides" in the chair up and down.  Remembering that 4 is up and some other number is down and some other number lays him back.  Jenny lets him do this on his own and it's his routine.  I never even remember that this routine will happen, but Daniel and Jenny do, so there you go!  She starts rubbing numbing gel around the tooth and we wait.  She has her finger in his mouth so he won't suck it off.  And he just STAYS LIKE THAT, chatting about her vacation and his.  He's just laying there.  Seemingly, fairly happily.  She puts more on.  We wait.  She is wiggling it and wiggling it.  Trying to loosen it and talking to him in the kindest voice.  I love her.  Really, I think I'm in love :)  It's such a relief to find someone who "gets it".  After what felt like a long time (and still no anxiety showing) the Dr comes in.  He is touching and wiggling and poking.  Jenny and I are right there telling Daniel how AMAZING he is.  Daniel did ask if it was "taking a long time".  As Daniel describes it now, "then Dr Hartman took out the BIG PLIERS"  (which is exactly what it looked like).  He grabbed the tooth and started twisting and then POP out it came!  Daniel said "FINALLY!  At last it's gone!"  I exhaled.   It was bleeding, they put in gauze.  There was clapping, cheering and joyfulness.  

He didn't like the gauze, but didn't like the bleeding either.  We took some gauze home in case it started bleeding again and went out to the car.  I was a big geek and brought my camera.

with a hunk of gauze and blood Daniel says good job!!
look at my "chocolate chip on a regular cone"  my favorite!!

I have a giant hole in my mouth!
And by Daniel's request, he wanted me to add this video! How cute is that? This is the only one I could find on You Tube that didn't have their own child in it or wasn't edited obscenely. These people have a messed up TV! lol. But the song and the intention are right! I'm so relieved this is done. I was exhausted after it was over. Oh, and they did give me two Valium. One in case of an emergency for mom?


Amy said...

Fantastic! I'm so proud of Daniel. What a huge success.


PS Hang onto that extra vallium.

Michelle S. said...

Amy, yes, I think I will. After all school starts soon.....

Me said...

Oh, that's just awesome (now that it's over of course). Poor mom! I hope you got an ice-cream too because you sure deserved one after that.

Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

Yay, so glad it went well! Nigel had to have his first filling in May, and he had to have a shot, which he hates passionately. They put the topical numbing gel on first and waited a while. Then when the time came, he clenched my hand while I talked him through it, and he did so well! He was really proud of himself, as I'm sure Daniel was too. And it is so rightly deserved!

Michelle S. said...

Thanks ladies. He was proud of himself. I wish I would have had that icecream but I'm trying to be good to help get my body back where it used to be!? Tanya. oh a filling. That scares me! Daniel could not would not get the shot! Ouch! Nigel is amazing!

Anonymous said...

hi michelle, i was thinking of you and daniel. how's school going??