Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Muppets

This weekend a much anticipated movie was released.  The Muppets.  Ever since we saw the ads for this movie, we have all been really excited to go see it.  Unlike many kids, my children have watched a lot of the old Muppet Movies.  The original The Muppet Movie, Muppet Treasure Island, and Muppets from Space have actually been not only rented or checked out from the library for years, but we actually own some of them.  They have been a staple in our household.  In the fall of 2006 Kermit was the Grand Master of Michigan State University's Homecoming parade. Here is a small clip from You Tube.  You can seriously find anything on You tube:

Daniel still talks about that.  It was the most star struck I have ever seen him, and honestly, I was a bit thrilled to see the little green guy perched on the back of that convertible waving to the crowd.  The theme was Bein' Green.  Get it.  Green like a frog, green as in recycling etc.  It was awesome.  When we were walking to our car after the parade we saw a limo parked on the street.  My husband joked that Grover was driving it and waiting for Kermit.  There is a scene in Elmopalooza that Grover drives a limo, so it was a natural connection, but to this day if we drive past a limo Daniel thinks Grover is driving and Kermit the Frog is in there.  Just yesterday we passed a limo on the expressway and Daniel craned his neck to see if Grover was driving.  He wasn't, by the way.  So you see.  The Muppets and really ingrained into our lives.

Thanksgiving night Zachary was on the laptop at Grandma's house searching for movie times.  I was honestly not really looking forward to it.  Another Muppet Movie, yeah yeah....I have spent the past 15 years watching these same movies over and over again.  Our kids with autism often stay in these stages, forever. Unlike other families where they may have a 6 month Teletubbies obsession, with us, it. never. ends.  If you would like to take a quick look at A Diary of a Mom's blog where she talks about this regarding Halloween this year, go ahead.  I'll wait.  See, it's not just me.  Our kids don't have the social filter to care that Teletubbies is totally inappropriate.  They just know what they love.  So this is why I know these movies inside and out.  When Daniel incorporates a movie line into a conversation, flawlessly I might add, I usually know where it came from.  If there was a kids movie version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, I would be ALL over that. 

So the afternoon on Black Friday, which I never participate in, I much prefer to sleep and lay around like a slug all day digesting my turkey with all of the trimmings, we headed out at about 2:00 to the 2:30 movie.  Except when we got there it wasn't a 2:30 movie, it was a 3:15 movie.  Zach was looking at the wrong theater so we were one hour early.  There was NO WAY in the world we could leave that theater.  Daniel would never leave without seeing that movie.  The explanation that we would come back, wouldn't fly.  He would melt down.  All 6'1" of him would be screaming and yelling and causing a huge scene.  So we stayed.  Todd got a bunch of tokens for the game room where they luckily had a Simpson's pinball machine (Daniel LOVES pinball) and we settled in for the wait.  I have never seen him so patient in my life.  Proof that this was a huge deal for him that he was willing to do just about anything to make it happen.

We finally settled into the theater.  Daniel with his kids size popcorn and Sprite.  Standard fare for him.  After a new Pixar short about Buzz Lightyear that was rather enjoyable and about 20 minutes of previews after an hour of waiting, we were in business.  As the movie began I was at first dismayed that the story is exactly the same as The Country Bears (2002).  Not that anyone else in the world would realize this but us.  Who else has seen that movie?  Anyone?  I have, approximately 15 times.  The basic outline is an evil man is going to take over Muppet Studios, the Muppets have to raise money to save it.  They are spread out all over the country so they go on a journey to get them back together for one last show.  EXACTLY like The Country Bears.  That annoyance quickly dissipated and I found myself sitting there, literally grinning from ear to ear.  I was excited, happy and laughing out loud.  It was awesome.  During The Rainbow Connection Daniel and I were singing together he was playing the banjo (air guitar style) and we were in heaven.  There were lots of wonderful original songs like "Am I a Man or am I a Muppet" that were hilarious.  There were wonderful guest appearances.  It was just super enjoyable.  I love watching Daniel when he is watching something he loves.  The joy is contagious.  At one point in the movie a woman punches someone and Daniel yelled out "WHAT A WOMAN" which is a line from "The Hunchback of Notre Dame".  It was funny.

If you can't tell, we all enjoyed it.  A lot.  The man in front of me was probably 45 and laughed LOUDLY and often to the point that it made me giggle with how much he was enjoying himself.  When the lights came up Daniel said, "In the scene in Walter's bedroom (which was filled with Muppet's paraphernalia) there was a picture from my July calendar of Kermit the frog!  I just stared at him in disbelief.  In explanation;  a.) Daniel has a monthly Kermit the Frog calendar hanging on the wall of his room and b.) within that very quick scene with hundreds of Muppet things in Walter's bedroom, he picked out the picture from his calendar and knew that it was the "July" picture.  His mind is the most fascinating thing.  I don't understand how he could have picked that out, but he did.  No one can say our kids don't know what is going on.  I think bigger problem is they know everything that's going on and they can't filter it out.  No wonder they are overwhelmed so often. 

I'm just happy we had a successful day at the movies and I am SURE we will be seeing it again.  I am glad I liked it too, because I am 100% sure we will be owning this on Blu Ray/DVD some day and I'll be watching it hundreds of times in the future. 

Oh and p.s.  My 11 year old started his own blog.  My little writer decided to do kid's movie reviews.  His writing is much better than mine, so please don't hold that against me if you decide to check it out.  I am very proud of him.  I think it's a great idea.  Adults reviewing kids movies, doesn't always add up.

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