Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Will the Death Star be the Death of Santa?

A few weeks ago the Santa talk started. We barely got through last year with Zachary. He's in 3rd grade this year. No special needs to speak of, he just asks a lot of questions. Unless it's a disability to ask so many questions your horrible mother eventually tunes you out!? He wants to believe. Last year we watched a lot of Polar Express. On Christmas Eve he drew a picture with a Welcome sign on it and put it in front of the fireplace for Santa. "Santa" dropped one of his sleigh bells on the way into our home. It mysteriously landed on the welcome sign and it was left there for children to find on Christmas morning. He was sold for another year.

Well, it's another year. The questions started. I gave my usual speech about the magic of Christmas and how if you really believe in something, it IS true when you believe it and feel it. One day about 2 weeks ago Zachary came marching into the family room with a look of determination. I knew I was in for it. Zachary flat out says, "Mom, is there really a Santa Claus?" No beating around the bush this time. He wanted answers!

I say, "What do you think?" (they hate this answer, it is my go to answer when I HAVE NO answer)
Zach, "Every single kid in my class says that YOU are Santa".
Me, "why in the world would every kid in your class think that I'M Santa? They all think I'm Santa?"
Zach, "MOM!!!! You know what I mean".

This went on. He got annoyed with me and dropped it. I was hoping it was over. But I should have known better. He's a thinker, and he was planning his next course of action. Then a few days later he comes up to me with a list. Zach says sweetly, "mom, here is my list for Santa, the Lego Death Star is $300, but Santa won't mind, HE doesn't have to pay for it, he just makes it, well, his elves make it for him." Seriously? I have been outwitted, yet again, by an 8 year old! Albeit an 8 year old who is too smart for his own good. An 8 year old who is seriously testing me and my Santa theory. Here is his list, at least he said please and thank you?!

The Lego Death Star is not going to show up under our tree this year, unless a really fat guy in a red suit squeezes his butt down our chimney for real. We already purchased his most coveted gift, an I Pod nano, which I bought at the Apple web site in Oct., reconditioned. But it looks brand new in it's lovely Apple box. It's not red, though, and on his list he put red. Red wasn't available and I bought it before he specified this. So the list has been used against me. He is testing me to see how far I'll go. Would it be worth $300 to see what happens? I think not. Would he be successful in using his emotional pressure? Yes. Will we fold to it? I think not. Is Santa going to be gone? For Zachary, I think so.
Zach will no longer here the bell ringing like in Polar Express. He's going to have to keep the magic alive for Daniel's sake. Daniel won't understand the magic we create for our children. I know 6th graders have told him there is no Santa. When he was mad at me once, he yelled, "you are NOT Santa Clause". I envision him happily chatting away about Santa at school and some kid saying, "Daniel, your parents are Santa" with a cavalier attitude. Not understanding the confusion this would cause him. He is so literal he probably would think that means dad dons a red suit and flies around the world while he's asleep. I think he needs to get some more clarity before we go there with him. Daniel has a "Spy gadget vending machine" on his list? I had to tell him that didn't exist, it was part of a video game, so he couldn't get that under the tree. "It's not real?" he says in his sweet, innocent voice? "No Daniel, it isn't." He seemed to understand, although he was disappointed. It's not so bad to live in a world that you truly think a spy gadget vending machine could show up in your house. But for now, we'll keep the magic of Santa alive the best that we can, for everyone.

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Cindy Hunter Morgan said...

Hi Michelle,
Yes...this is a big issue, isn't it? Tommy had it out with us last spring or summer. I pulled up the "Dear Virginia" letter on the internet and read it aloud to him. He asked in a thousand different ways and I dodged in a thousand different ways. Eventually I realized he really needed the truth and I came clean with him...it was clear that was the right decision. He was pleading for answers. He mentioned a few days ago that Z still believes, and I asked him to respect that and to avoid the temptation of spouting his knowledge. I'm not so sure he has avoided that....
I'm enjoying your blog!