Wednesday, March 4, 2009


See this logo? It is, apparently, THE PERFECT logo. Ever since Daniel first saw this logo every where we go, if he sees it he yells out, "Look! A Direct TV logo, do you see it? do you see it?"

"Yes, Daniel, I see it."

"Isn't it beautiful?" he says breathlessly.

"Yes Daniel, it's beautiful." When I asked him what he liked about it, specifically, he just said, "It's perfect." with a sigh. What do you think? Is it the movement in it? Maybe there is a job out there somewhere where he can be a test market for logos?
The kid LOVES logos. He'll look them up on You Tube endlessly. The brand recognition is unbelievable.

Dreamworks, he loves it. I must admit, this is something I wouldn't normally even be aware of. This is a beautiful image. I think he loves the clouds and moon with the boys sitting on it fishing.

This Columbia/Tristar logo is the best!! I have actually drawn these for him. This is NOT easy! What was I thinking spending hours drawing the "Columbia lady" and "Pegasus". The way these logos merge together on screen! AHHHHHH, it's just bliss for him. In the video store, when he chooses videos, he immediately flips the DVD or VHS over to look at which studio made the movie.

The other day new neighbors were moving in across the street. Daniel and I were headed upstairs and he saw out of our front window a Direct TV truck IN THEIR DRIVEWAY. Daniel is not very stealth like but he darted to those windows like I've never seen. He honestly had his hands and face up against the window, screaming "mom a Direct TV truck do you see it?" I actually had a thought of "oh my God what if someone actually works for them and the truck will always be there?" We'd never get him off the front porch, he'd be out there all the time staring at the truck pointing out it's beauty to everyone who passes by. Fortunately (or not?) I haven't seen the truck since. They were probably just getting it installed. Hopefully he doesn't think he can get in there for a look at the Direct TV system, if he does, they had better keep their doors locked.


Tanya @ Teenautism said...

Yes! Logos! Nigel loves logos and has also begged me to draw them for him. And he really loves the Dreamworks logo. Fortunately he has not asked me to draw that one! A little out of my league, I'm afraid.

Mama Mara said...

Why can't Taz like logos? He is entranced by cartoon pictures of skulls.

kristi said...

LOL!! Funny!