Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Big Kid in a Little Shirt

After three days of rain and a dip in temperatures down to the high thirties, the sun is shining again. The last few days have been quite a disappointment for Daniel after having sunny and 70. Believe me, we are ALL with him on that one.

Today he awoke to the sun shining. When I came in from the bringing Zachary to the bus stop he was standing there waiting for me. When he wants to ask me something that he thinks I might say no to he asks with his head down in an aw shucks kind of way, and he was assuming this posture upon my entry. He said, "can I wear short sleeves?" I mean really, he is too adorable. I happily agreed even though it was brisk, and only getting into the low 50's. Daniel scurried up to his room for the rest of his morning routine.

When he came down I was in my designated position in my leather chair, laptop in one hand, coffee in the other. He sat down to put in a movie for 15 minutes when I glanced up from my computer only to see half of his back staring back at me, along with bare legs. I went over our conversation in my head and didn't recall anything about shorts, but that was really second on my list to the amazingly small shirt he had somehow stuffed himself into.

me- "Daniel, what shirt do you have on?"

Daniel- "this one" he says while he turning around.

I am met with the image of a Baja ATV shirt that I bought for Zachary 2 years ago. Oh man, here we go. He does NOT like to change his clothes after that step is checked off of his imaginary list.

me- (in a very happy sing songy voice) "Daniel, that is Zachary's shirt, it must have been in your drawer by accident"


me- (ridiculously happy and smiling in order to fend of his wrath) "what a great idea Daniel, let me help you find one"

Daniel Stomping up the stairs and struggling to get our of the tiny shirt. It reminded my of this. I am in no way saying Daniel is "fat" but this scene makes me laugh and it was, let's say, reminiscent:

I literally had to pull the shirt off of him over his head, while it scraped his whole body on the way up. How he got it on I will never ever know.

I (still being gloriously happy and upbeat) pulled out his pride and joy bike camp shirt from last summer. He was happy with that selection but still cross with me.

As I was turning around to leave his room, he looked me dead in the eye, with much disdain and said, (ahem, ready?) "YOU NEED TO STOP MAKING SO MANY MISTAKES!" and stomped back downstairs to resume his routine. Nice. I'll try Daniel. I'll really try for 100% accuracy. But I was thrilled that 1. he didn't freak out on me. and 2. recognized that people make mistakes and he doesn't have to like it. I'll chalk this up to progress and hope that I start doing better ;)


Mama Mara said...

I like to believe that my mistakes are always great opportunities for my boys to practice patience and flexibility. They like to believe I have a brain made out of bubblegum.

We bubbleheaded moms have to stick together!

Jude K. said...

Aw... that is so dear. And you are the best sport, Michelle!!

Tanya @ Teenautism said...

Ha! Nigel does this with Aidan's shirts! What are they thinking?!

Michelle S. said...

Mama Mara- you are so right. . . that's why I make mistakes (on purpose) so he can learn from them,ya, that's the ticket. . .