Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Grand Day Out

Tomorrow we are packing our bags and headed north. We are following the lead of many many Michiganders and going SKIING. Yes, you heard me right. Skiing. Do the Sneathen's ski you ask? No. No they don't. Todd is the only one who has ever skiied and that was 20 years ago.

Zachary is officially signed up for snowboarding lessons on Saturday. We are going tubing on Friday evening as a family with all of the other families going. This seems like a good plan, it will help us get familiar with the area, the snow, the "mountains" (this is Michigan, let's face it, they are really really big hills).

Daniel is CERTAIN he will be schussing down the mountain. He says, "I'm going to ski down the mountain with the Wallace and Grommit theme song in my head". Have any of you seen the Wallace and Grommit claymation movies? Daniel LOVES them and in one of the movies, (I can't remember which one and I've tried to google it and STILL can't figure it out. Where is Daniel when you need him to fill me in?) they are skiing down a hill "with the theme song playing", which is why Daniel will be hearing the theme song in his head.

So my preparations have begun. The food for my picky eaters for two days. Prepping Daniel for the fact that you actually FALL when you ski. A lot. I've been buying ski pants, hats for under helmets (a must), signing up for lessons, getting directions, making food, packing our entire winter wardrobe as well as our pantry. All for two nights at a ski resort. Two frightening, new, exciting, possibly disastrous days "up north". But then again, who knows? It could be fantastic. Either way, I'm sure there will be some good stories. Sometimes I think I must be crazy. But I thank our friends who invited us. I'm glad you are willing to take on the Sneathen's for a few days! More to follow....


Amy said...

Where are you going? The first time we went up north (Glen Arbor) to a resort I was really nervous and that was in the summer and did not include skiing! It worked out great and now we go every year. I want to try snow tubing. It sounds like lots of fun. Can't wait to hear about it.

See you this afternoon.

Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

Hope all goes well on the slopes! Nigel loves Wallace & Grommit too!

Michelle S. said...

Tanya-of course Nigel loves Wallace & Gromit! lol