Friday, September 19, 2008

The Big Zoo Lesson

On Wednesday I went to the Potter Park Zoo with Zachary's 3rd grade class. He is spending the entire week there! They get to study one animal in depth as well as learn many other fascinating things. He is LOVING it. I was lucky because we went early so we could be a part of the penguin feeding! It was so fun and interesting. We even got to go behind the exhibit and see a few penguins very very up close. Here is zoo keeper Dennis feeding the penguins their breakfast! Here is a photo of Zachary (in the center) with Tommy (left) and Jonathon (right) by the penguin exhibit.

We had an hour of observation at the lemurs. What a treat!!! This day we were focusing on habitats. As soon as we arrived they came out of hiding and walked over to the corner of the exhibit with sunshine. They would sit with their legs out in front and hold their arms out to the side soaking up the sun. One child said it looked like yoga. I said they were doing their sun salutations! They loved this idea. They did look so calm and happy. I feel that way too sitting in the beautiful sunshine soaking it up. A few of the zoo staff stopped by and were intrigued. They stopped and took pictures too. So it can't be that common? This one in the picture is checking me out. The girls loved that the females make all of the decisions for their group and are matriarchs. The females are in charge. . . but really, aren't we always?
Here are a few of the kids doing their best lemur impression and their own sun salutations. Regina (left) Zachary (middle) and Cora (right). We really lucked out that day. It was glorious. As you can tell by the lemurs, and the kids!

Thursday morning Zachary was going off to school and he said, "mom, yesterday was the best day at the zoo yet." "We got to watch the penguins get fed, the lemurs were active and the best part is you were there too". Thanks Zachary. I had fun with you too! What a sweet kid.

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