Monday, September 15, 2008

The first chilly day of the school year

Well today was the day. The day I dread every year. The day that it is 50 degrees in the a.m. with a high of only 63 degrees. Now I will start off on a positive note and say things are millions and millions of times easier than they used to be. It used to literally take me WEEKS of screaming to get Daniel to make the inevitable switch from shorts to pants. It was a long and painful process and usually, when we were finally there we would have a rouge 80 degree day, then he would scream because he didn't want to wear shorts. It was, in a word, exhausting.

But things have improved greatly. More than greatly. This morning I was on the way to the bus stop with Zachary. Our schedule is I tell Daniel I'm going to the bus stop. This is when he usually gets off of the computer, goes upstairs, gets dressed, makes his bed, brushes his teeth and then goes back to relaxing until it's time for school. Today I rather breezily said, "oh, by the way, it will be cooler today, you might want to wear pants and a short sleeved shirt". Daniel says, "ok". Then I RAN out the door before he could change his mind. (Wimp)

I came back rather quickly from the bus stop. (sometimes I stay and chat for 5 or 10 minutes) because I thought, "I wonder how his pants will fit him?" I never go out school shopping in August when everyone else does. It's always 85 degrees and I can't seem to get the kids to try on their clothes (ok, I mean Daniel) and I would rather sort through them when they are at school. Well, between the lice week, my friends father dying and organizing things for her, and volunteering, I hadn't gotten around to it yet. So today snuck up on me. So I get home and sneak upstairs and Daniel is sitting on his bed with pants in his hands. He is trying to put them on and they are literally stuck on his thighs. "I can't get them on". So I start going through pants. About 12 pair of them. All the same. Can't get the on. He's a bit upset, but not really, I can see him teetering on the edge. I finally pull out a pair of Gap sweatpants that used to be rather large. Jackpot! Off he goes.

So what did I do today? Shop. Rather unsuccessfully I might add. It's not easy finding him pants. He needs "Husky". Daniel is not overweight, at all. In fact I'm always told he is in perfect proportion. He is wide and solid as a brick wall. He's 5'4". So in other words, he needs at least a 16 husky. Did I mention he can't button? So in addition to a husky size 16 they can't have buttons. So I went to Sears where they now carry Lands End. For those who need a tip. Lands End has the perfect pants for kids on the spectrum. They look good, they hold up really well, they have elastic waist and they come in slim, regular and husky. Something for everyone!! Well, Sears didn't have any husky. I went to Gap, neither did they. Children's Place was empty practically. I came home, went online and spent over $300 at Land's They'll be here in about 4 days. Hmmmmm. maybe I SHOULD have done this in August.


Amy said...

Great news about Daniel! It sounds like he has turned a corner with the transition from shorts to pants. I know what you mean about buttons. Joe can't do them either. Zippers are also iffy. A few parents have mentioned that Hanna Anderson has boys pull up pants (the clothes run very wide) but I have never found any on sale -- so I haven't purchased yet.

Fall is here!

Debbie said...

I am having the same problem! Zeke is only 9, but he needs a 14 or 16 husky and needs elastic waists also. Unfortunately, he is not quite 5 feet tall, so I'm having quite a time. I did look at Land's End, but I'm going to have to do some more searching. I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one in this spot!

Michelle S. said...

The Lands End pants are really great. I'm not sure where you live, but since Sears has Lands End now, if they don't work out you can return them to Sears. Of course, I ordered these and paid over $18 in shipping then the next day I get a coupon in the mail for free shipping :)