Saturday, June 6, 2009

Favorite Posts

I would like to share some recent posts of blogger friends that really have moved me in some way. Some have moved me to tears, awe, joy, anger. Some all mixed together.

The first is from my "friend" who writes Autism in a Word. She has a beautiful daughter Rhema who touches my heart every time I read her mom's blog. This post makes my heart soar! Sometimes we, as parents of children with autism, want the simplest things for our children, and sometimes those simple things are the most important.

The second is from another blogger friend. I don't know any of these ladies on a face to face level, but feel I've known them all a long long time. We all have an understanding of each other that you simply can't have unless you've lived our lives. This blog is actually about something that happened to someone ELSE she knows, but it is very powerful. I read it to Todd this morning and the rage between the two of us was palpable. It just shows how much further we have to go with education. I think it's important to know what still goes on and how the ignorance of one person can truly wound a person's soul. If more people know about it, maybe it won't happen in another situation. It's also about parents taking a terrible situation and turning it into an opportunity to educate and is reminiscent of "Paying it Forward" to spread the word. I suggest clicking on the link in this blog and reading the full story.

The last is a story from John Elder Robison's blog. If you don't know who he is, he wrote the book "Look me in the eye". His brother wrote "Running with Scissors" I found his blog because he is linked to the above blog. That's how this crazy blogging world works. Then you find someone and if you like them, you start reading theirs. This story is about his son, whom I can only assume has Asperger's as he does. I haven't read enough of him to know this for sure, so if I jumped to a conclusion, I apologize. This is a classic story of something that can so easily happen to those with the special interests of someone with Asperger's and the misunderstandings that happen all the time. Education. It is so important. So is patience, understanding and tolerance.

I hope you took the time to enjoy my chosen blogs. I picked each of them for specific reasons. They all probably have more readers than I but as many people as possible should be reading these stories. They are very important.


Laura Grace said...

WOW. Three excellent links, Shelly. The local TV affiliate has a portion of the prosecutor's "speech" -- it's outrageously offensive, and I'm glad she got her head handed to her... so to speak.

Amy said...

Thanks for the links!

Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

Thanks, Michelle. Just wanted to post a comment here that anyone who wants to participate in The Tie-Dye Project can contact Alex's mom, Melissa Barton, at and she can provide instructions and addresses for you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Michelle! I love that we are learning to cherish the simple things.