Monday, August 18, 2008

Cabin with Grandpa

After Charlevoix Grandpa Sneathen wanted to take both boys to his cabin. His friend and his nephew would be there also. Over the past few years we (I say "we" meaning Todd) has taken them out fishing many times. Daniel's switch has finally flipped, as we say. He is now a "fisherman". One who loves fishing. He could sit there with his pole on the water all day and be as happy as can be. This is his Daniel's usual way. First, you take him out to try something new. It goes rather poorly, usually. You try again, and again, and again. etc. Then somewhere along the line something magical happens. It all becomes ok. Sometimes, more than ok. It can possibly turn into a life long love for him. As with everything, it just takes him a while. Sometimes a long while. That's why you keep trying. You just have to. That is probably why whenever one of those surveys goes around the internet and I send it out and the question of name one word used to describe me. Almost every single person says PATIENT. It is a virtue after all. But it can also learned. Take it from me. You can learn it. I did. So has Todd. We were probably, at one time, the two most impatient people on earth. My how things have changed. When you hear the word autism said to you, you better dig down deep and find patience, and quick. I'm reading the book Eat, Pray, Love right now. The Italians say each city has a word, then they go on to ask what is your word? One word that describes you. I loved that Rome's word was SEX. I think my word has to be patient. That pretty much embodies our life.

This first picture shows Daniel with his smirk on his face, I asssume, showing Grandpa the fish he just caught. Of course when he swung it around to show Grandpa he hit Zachary in the head with it, which explains the look on Zachary's face. Speaking of patience. . . Zachary is one amazing kid.

So here is Zachary's equal time and his sweet smile showing his catch. Way to go! I believe these were taken on Shupac Lake. My spelling may be off, but whatever. You see, girls are not allowed at the cabin. So I don't know the ins and outs of the surrounding area. This is me crying . . . . not really, but I let them believe they are pulling something incredibly special over on me that just the boys "get" to go there, while mom has to stay home and do things, like shop, for instance. It's so unfair. Really. Do you believe me? But really the "cabin" is a very special place to them. We are lucky to have something like that. How many 8 year old boys do you know who know how to shoot a bow and arrow or a BB gun? Properly I mean, with good old fashion safety instruction? Not many. They get to fish, shoot targets, make fires, ride atvs. All very manly. I wonder if they grunt in the old Tim the Tool man Taylor style when there? Remember that? Very manly indeed. One thing is for sure. They make memories that they will have forever. They are doing something with their grandfather, and usually their father too, that binds them all together. Meanwhile I'm at home, usually cleaning like a crazy lady (vacuuming for sure) and then out shopping for a few days. It's all good. Thanks Grandpa!

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