Saturday, August 23, 2008

Michigan Adventure

We finally made it to Michigan Adventure this year. The boys have been asking basically, since the last time we were there! We had a great time. It is an incredible park. The perfect size, clean, a lot to do, but yet doable in a full day. Perfect for the Sneathens! When you combine a strong need for sensory input, with no fear whatsoever and a waterpark you come up with heaven on earth for Daniel! We were on the Wolverine Wildcat, the 2nd tallest wooden rollercoaster, pictured behind Daniel on the ferris wheel above, and we were not even stopped and he yelled to me "let's go to Shivering Timbers!" THE really big wooden roller coaster. Zachary had just done the Wildcat and that was enough for him, so he took a pass on Shivering Timbers. So off Todd and Daniel went. I went and rode the "spinning rides" with Zachary (dad cannot). Later I did go back to Shivering Timbers because Daniel wanted to again. Talk about input! That things throws you around like crazy! My stiff neck got a lashing and Daniel had the time of his life. Let it be noted Zachary went on the corkscrew (above pic) with Todd too. He's pretty brave too.
Now, anyone who has been to any kind of zoo or park with us knows what it is like. There is no meandering around taking in the sites. It is sprint from one thing to another with tunnel vision and no time to rest. We can do Potter Park in less than an hour! The Detroit Zoo is exhausting because you stop, you look, you move! Don't blink 'cause he's moving on. Same at the amusement park. I think we went on just about everything (except the kiddie rides). Then you throw in a water park with a wave pool!?!? Now there he stays put, for a while. He was in Boogie beach just "bombing" those waves over and over again. Thankfully, this gave me time to rest. Every so often we'd get him out and feed him french fries so he'd have something to keep going on! Then Zachary, Daniel and Todd went on the Funnel of Fear. Yep. The Funnel of Fear, it's a water ride for those of you not familiar. It lives up to it's name (so they tell me) After that Zachary was strutting across the park like he just discovered the cure for cancer! He was so very proud of himself. I, of course, was properly seated in my lounge chair by Boogie Beach sipping water. . . . Let it be noted that I was riding roller coasters and "the spinny rides" too. But I took my chance to relax when I had it.
At one point Daniel took off to ride "the Snake Pit" in the water park. There was really no line and I said "let him go". It was right in front of us. Todd said "nope". I said "he does it at East Lansing's aquatic center all the time". Todd said "we are NOT in East Lansing". Good point. I feel like when we leave East Lansing, I forget about the real world. Meaning, people aren't always so kind. Daniel talks to himself constantly and really, around here, no one pays attention. But I've when you get outside of our "EL bubble", people might snicker and point a bit etc. Luckily Daniel doesn't notice. I do. It's disappointing to see that sort of thing. So Todd was right, of course, so he went along to ride the Snake Pit. It was a good thing because Daniel had to take off his water shoes to go down it and he didn't understand what the worker was trying to tell him to do. His language skills are getting better, but if he's focused on something else he won't hear them. Then they think he's being obstinate. Then there can be problems. I would say 99% of our outings are positive. I think Daniel gets more out of our travels than anybody. He needs those experiences to learn how to manage himself in the "real world". Lucky for us, we all get to experience these things together and have fun in the process!

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