Monday, August 4, 2008

Cordless phone, where can you be?

Does anyone else have this problem? I lose cordless phones. They end up all over the place. I never hang them up, then I can't find them. I know some people who always have them on their little cradles right where they can be found. But really, what is the point of having a cordless phone if you don't carry it around? That is what they are for! Otherwise you might as well have the giant phone hanging on your wall like we did in the 70's. Our families was on the wall in the kitchen. So I'd sit on the counter or lay on the floor (ala Marcia Brady). But technology has come a long way since then. We don't need to be tied down. We multitask. So I use the phone as it was intended. I move it. I carry it. But then I lose it.

I do not have a good track record with these things. Last year I brought one outside with me into the backyard. I came inside and forgot it was out there. Then, it rained. Shockingly, it never worked after that. Then I was down to one cordless upstairs, and one in the basement. To compensate for my stupidity the basement model came up to the main level. I went a long time without ever purchasing another. I always seem to need to buy these darn things and I guess I went on strike. Then as the holidays rolled around I asked my dad for a new cordless for Christmas. Perfect! And he delivered. . .he not only got us one, he got the model that has the home base and another station with another phone. So the other model goes back to the basement and I still have two for the main floor! Yea! I can't mess this up right? Wrong.

Once again, I lost a handset. Easy enough, you just press the page button right? I love the page button. It is a wonderful feature for people like myself who can never find the handset. I wish remote controls had that feature too. You could just walk up to the television press the page button and your remote would beckon you to it's hiding spot under the couch. Really, someone should invent that. Well, by the time I paged my phone the battery was dead. So I lost another one. Periodically I would look under cushions, under couches, in the laundry room. Anywhere I might have left it. I was sure that during some cleaning frenzy it would magically appear. Todd asked me more than once if it was in a flower bed somewhere. I was certain it was not. Well, sort of. But I had weeded many times since then and never run across it, so I felt fairly safe.

Then yesterday Todd walks into the family room with the missing phone in hand! I couldn't believe it. I begged him to tell me where it had been hiding for 3 months. Yes, three months. I know because I checked the last caller id and the last one was May 5. I have been through this house hundreds of times since May 5, how could I have missed it? Finally, Todd revealed where it had been hiding. There was only one place in our house that I had avoided for 3 months. . . . .it was on the treadmill. In the exercise room. How humiliating.

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