Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Can you hear it?? Da da, da da, dat dat dat dat. The "Jaws" music. I hear it in my head. There is something out there, looming in the distance. Waiting. As it gets closer, the music speeds up, my anxiety's rise. As usual, I look in control and calm. But I can feel it getting closer to me. It's Daniel's transition to, gulp, middle school. Yup. Next year is 7th grade. In our district the 7th and 8th graders are all together. There is only one middle school and they are all there. And I'll be sending Daniel there. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

We already know he'll have a different para pro. I'm not even sure how that will look. The Special Ed Director has hinted things might be "different". (Note to self, I need to call her). My transition IEP is set for March 25. I have set up a special tour at the middle school for my husband and I. There is a day that is set up for a tour for all parents, but it's after our IEP. I already sent the email requesting a special tour. I have even gotten a response! I need a "visual" to be able to have intelligent conversation for my IEP. While on the tour we will be able to chat with the resource teacher.

I'm getting ready. I'm planning. I'm thinking about what he'll need, constantly. I need to start making a list. I can feel it closing in on me. Da da, da da. . . Right now I'm safe in a boat rocking softly in the water out in the middle of the vast ocean. I just hope that giant shark doesn't jump out of the water and pull me in.


Laura Grace said...

don't know if this would help, but... I'd suggest taking a camera, and making a nice tour for your son, with pictures of people too (including the lunch room - the heartbeat of any middle school)

also, I know this won't help you, but -- middle school sucks, no matter who you are... ;)

Michelle S. said...

D is going to have a tour, several. But thanks for the idea. I will bring my camera! Lunch is such a nightmare. I've been thinking of doing a post about it, but I'm gathering info first. And that is why I'm so nervous about this. Middle school sucks for everyone. Imagine being autistic? ugh