Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentines Day

Due to the fact that tomorrow is the first day of "winter break", today is the day that both boys have their big Valentine's Day parties. For some reason this has caused quite a stir of anticipation from both of my boys. It is such a flurry of activity for Valentines day. I have been trying to recall if I felt the same way in elementary school and I can't seem to pull up any memories. I know we gave out the tiny folded up valentines to all the kids in the class, but I don't remember a "party". There must have been one, but something makes me think that in these times of commercialism they are a bit more elaborate than the 70's.

Daniel had 54, count 'em, 54 Valentines to address last night. We waited until the night before only because a math test was the day before and I thought that maybe, just maybe, his time would be better spent doing math homework than addressing valentines. I honestly thought he'd never do it all. That is a lot for him. He has a bit of a hard time with his writing. I planned to have him start and then I'd finish them for him. But last night, after we popped the brownies in the oven that he volunteered to bring into the party, we sat down with his list. His class is one of two classes that team teaches. They break into different groups for different areas, and the teachers move fluidly between classes. It's a good set up and, I think, it meets the needs of more of the students. BUT since they work together so often they do parties etc as one. Therefore, 54 Valentines. Daniel sat down and POWERED through them. He wrote the name under To: signed Daniel under "from", checked the name off of his list. I've never seen him so determined! Then he wanted to "decorate" the receptacle for the soon to be delivered valentines. Here he is working diligently:

We had a great time. He was so proud of his work! When he finished he leaned over me, hugged me (a real hug) and said, "I love you mom". Oh my heart just melted typing it. What an incredible blessing to have him able to express that to me.

Zachary, of course, my 9 year old who is a better planner than most adults I know, had his valentines done Monday. In a bag, waiting to be carried out the door, 3 days early. With no prompting from me. On a side note if he and I have one more 10 minute conversation in the morning about the advantages of which coat or combination of coats he should wear to get him through the day, I just may snap. He talks through it, of layering this with that, which gloves would be best, boots/shoes. Clearly the child has too many options. But I digress.

Daniel woke up ready to go today!! I mean what a day, band, parties then SWIMMING. Amazingly, he was telling Todd about swimming with Nikki today. Oh, he remembers her name! Last semester it took him 6 weeks to remember his coaches name and that was with me asking him the whole way there every week, "what's your coaches name? What are you going to say to her?" Then I'd say, "what's her name?" and he'd look at me blankly. Isn't it amazing that he would remember the name of the hot college girl?? My my, isn't the brain interesting? Although I clearly remember Tyson Beckford's name, but not 99% of the people my husband works with. . .

. . . . oh sorry I'm a bit distracted now. Tyson is the only reason that I am eagerly anticipating season 2 of "Make me a Super Model".

I have to say, I have now completely forgotten where I was going with this.

Todd did ask Daniel if Nikki was cute to which he replied "oh yes". We still haven't had that talk. How do you talk to a child about these things when their capacity for understanding is at such a lower level, yet their bodies are obviously developing and responding to puberty? I am at a bit of a loss. If anyone has any advice, I'd be willing to listen.

I think I'll have Daniel give Nikki a valentine. He would enjoy it. I'm sure she would too. I've found that the college students have nostalgia for things like tiny folded valentines with heart shaped suckers attached. They are still close enough to their childhood to remember it better than myself. There are times when I think it is a whole lot of work, forced on us by marketing geniuses thinking of ways to up their February revenue. But now that the work is behind me and I think of Daniel hugging and expressing his love for me, for Zachary taking joy in picking just the right valentine for each classmate, it makes me smile and be thankful. Now if Tyson Beckford would just show up at my door with freshly baked brownies that give you 6 pack abs. . . but that just may be asking for a bit too much.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, the Tyson pict is totally distracting! Haha. I'm just getting to know Daniel through your blog, but I had to laugh at the fact that he remembered Nikki's name. I also melted when I read his "I love you mom." Nothing better than that.

Mama Mara said...

Tyson! Tyson!

Speaking of raging horniness, I have a great read about puberty: What's Happening to Me? by Peter Mayle. My boys loved it.

If puberty is scaring you, don't read my post tomorrow. You'll be tempted to have Daniel de-manned.