Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Team Daniel

Tomorrow morning we have our "Team Daniel" meeting. We are going to talk about the move to middle school, his classes, his support and general planning. I usually attend these meetings without my husband, but I felt the need to call him in to this one. I am a bit concerned about his support for next year and what's being planned. I'm not sure if I even have reason for being concerned or if I'm just being a worry wort because it is such a big move next year. But either way I think it's best to have a discussion about it now, before decisions have been reached than to wait until after and say we disagree. And for some reason, I think we'd disagree. . . so for now I'm running things over in my head deciding what should be said. Too bad my head is pounding from my more and more frequent migraines. It's hard for me to think clearly with the headaches I've been getting. Although I went to the Dr. today and got prescriptions for two different drugs to help with the relief. I'm hoping that helps. I need a clear head. The transitions in our school district are really hard on our kids and we are all working to make it as easy as possible. I'll update tomorrow. In the meantime, I'm planning and making some nurturing food for the soul.


Jude K. said...

Sure hope the meds do help to clarify and not muddle your thinking, Shelly.

I have a suggestion. Schedule yourself for an hour-long massage once a week and see if that might relax your body and stave off the tension that's got to be a part of the more and more frequent migraines.

I bet your Maurine would be willing to finance those or at least half of those.

You deserve the pampering. Go for it!

Amy said...

I hope the meds kick in soon. Sorry you are not feeling well.

Joe is sick so we won't be at swimming tomorrow. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow and I want to hear all about it once you have processed it and feel like talking.

Good luck,


Anonymous said...

How did the meeting go? I understand that feeling of being concerned but not being able to put your finger on exactly what might be wrong.

Hope your feeling better!

Tanya @ Teenautism said...

I hope the meeting went well. I've got one on Tuesday that I'm trying to get ready for. These meetings always stress me out! Hope you're feeling better too. Take care.

kristi said...

Transitions from school to school are very tough for our little guys, huh??

We have another IEP in May. Luckily TC won't have to change schools next year. :)